Hosted by:
St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, YONKERS, New York

On June 29, 2002 at Burroughs High School in Yonkers, New York, the St. Thomas Youth Fellowship hosted the first ever Northeast Regional Youth Fellowship Sports Day Basketball Tournament.  The Tournament was a one day event starting at 7 AM and went continuously until the champions were crowned shortly after midnight.  Both Men's & Women's teams competed in the Tournament.  The churches that participated in this inaugural event were:
Bethany Mar Thoma Church
Ebenezer Mar Thoma Church
Epiphany Mar Thoma Church
Long Island Mar Thoma Church
St. Andrew's Mar Thoma Church
St. James Mar Thoma Church
St. John's Mar Thoma Church
St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church
Staten Island Mar Thoma Church

The churches were vying for three different trophies.  One that was awarded to the Men's Champion, one that was awarded to the Women's Champion and the final trophy that would be awarded to the Overall Champion.  We are proud to announce the winners as:

St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church
2002 Sports Day Men' Champion
2002 Sports Day Women's Champion (Undefeated)
2002 Sports Day Overall Champion

The following pages of this site showcase some of the images from that memorable day.  Please feel free to look around and see how enjoyable that day really was. 

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