October 2009


Dearly beloved in Christ,


Let us thank God for the blessed Parish Convention. God had used respected P.T. Koshy Achen in a wonderful way. The convention was a blessings to all those who have attended. Though there was some weather problem, God had enabled us to attend throughout. It was great that achen could conduct the Holy Communion service in the following Sunday also. Sincere thanks to achen for his sincere efforts. Let us contribute towards the mission work in that area as achen explained the work there, on the basis of the request from the Missionary achen with  Thirumeni’s recommendation.  Achen gave emphasis for repentance in his messages. Repentance means to feel sorry about something that we have spoken or done. We need to examine ourselves to see if our heart is pure as God wants. One can keep on repenting and testify it whenever they get a chance like fasting prayer, new year etc.  without amending the ways. Genuine repentance involves turning one’s back to the old way, to have a transformed attitude. That is what we see in the Parable of the lost son or what we say the prodigal son. Man is never essentially himself until he comes home to God. The son decided to come home and to plead to be taken back not as a son but in the lowest rank of slaves, the hired servants, the men who were only day laborers. He has decided to come to his father. This is a model for us also. Let us have a transformed attitude towards everything.


Now, we are having the Savika Sanghom National conference hosted by us. God has entrusted us with this great privilege and responsibility. I am thankful to all parish members for their joint effort in the preparations and fund raising. Let the fame of our Parish may spread as a fragrance.


May the Almighty God bless each one of us.


Yours in His Mission


Babu Achen


Rev. P. E. Mathew


Rev. P. E. Mathew (Vicar)

We are blessed to be under the pastoral guidance and leadership of Rev. P. E. Mathew as Vicar of St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church NY. Achen's native place is Kallooppara and Laly Kochmma is from Varikkadu, Tiruvalla. They have one son, Eby, who is finishing his BSc in Mangalore.

Achen and family had been in the Karnataka Missions Field (Hoskote, Mundugod, Sirsi Sankeshwar, Kunta) for several years and then served in Kerala. The last parish they ministered at was in the Sultan Bathery and Nilambur area.


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