July 2004


Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


In the midst of all our day-to-day busy schedules, we should always remember our responsibilities as a Christian. Lord God calls us to posses a deep commitment in Christ, self sacrifice in mind and experience the grace of this risen Christ in our day to day life.


I take this opportunity to congratulate all the youth fellowship members for a well organized basketball tournament. I praise God for them and their parents. As far as our church is concerned, the coming days are more activity oriented. The V.B.S., Family Conference, Junior-Senior Conferences etc. Let us uphold all the programs in our daily prayers.


In the Book of Jeremiah, we can see that the prophet would agree that it is sometimes impossible for people to change their conduct - but for a different reason. It is not that they cannot change; its because they do not want to change (Jer. 13:23-25). And because of that, God is completely just in His judgment. If we are enslaved to sinful practices or destructive habits, we can be delivered. Admit our sinfulness and helplessness to God. Accept His offer of complete forgiveness through Jesus, who died in your place. Rely on the Holy Spirit, who can enable us to resist temptations. God can transform our heart and enable us to change, making possible what seems impossible.


With God as our audience and Christ as our Companion, we can say and do anything we ought.

Some will hate you, some will love you,

Some will flatter, some will slight,

Cease from man and look above you,

Trust in God and do the right.

I pray and hope that our children will utilize their time in the holidays meaningfully and effectively.


May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


Jojan Achen

Rev. Dr. K. A. Abraham (Vicar)

Dr. K. A. Abraham Achen is from Anicad and Annis Kochamma is from Pullad. They have two children, daughter, Roshin, who is 20 and currently doing her BS in Psychology at Women’s Christian College in Madras. Achen and Kochammas’ Son Christy is 18, and is currently working towards an Engineering Degree in Kerala.

Achen is a very educated in God’s words and has also taught in Seminary. Achen has done his Bachelors in Divinity, Masters in Theology, and Doctorate in Theology from Serampore University in Calcutta. Kochamma has done her diploma in Christian Service at United Theological College in Bangalore.

Achen has served as Vicar for a number of churches including at Neyyatinkara in South Kerala, Bhilai in Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Maramon, Kutapuzha in Thiruvilla. Abraham Achen has served one term on the full time faculty of the Mar Thoma Seminary in Kottayam. Achen also served as manager of schools while at Maramon.

Achen also serves on the governing board of Bossey Ecumenical Institute, which is part of the WCC. Achen was a member of the Sabha Council for one term, then member of CSI-CNI joint council, member of Mar Thoma Theological Commission, and also member of Mar Thoma- Lutheran Dialogue Commission in India.

Achen is well known as a great Orator and dynamic Bible Teacher. Achen has led many sessions during clergy and organizational conferences. Achen has published two books featuring a series of Bible Studies, Pentecost, and Mission published by CSS Thiruvalla and has edited a book on Family published by the Niranam-Maramon Diocese.

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Rev. Jojan Mathews John (Co-Vicar)

As a Parish we welcome Jojan Achen, Kochamma - Susan Mathews John, Children - Vishakh John Mathews age 4 1/2 and Vrindha Chinnu Mathews age 1 1/2 to our Parish. May God use Achen as an instrument to help our church continue to grow closer to God and serve Him in our community.

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Vicars of the Past Quarter Century
(including Vicars of the Mar Thoma Congregation of Greater New York)

Mar Thoma Congregation of Greater New York
Rev. Oommen Koruthu (Student Achen later elevated as 
Bishop Zacharias Mar Theophilus)
May 1975 — Aug. 1975
Rev. K. S. Mathew   (Student Achen) Sept. 1975 – Sept. 1977
Rev. Thomas P. George    (Student Achen) Sept. 1977 – Aug. 1979
(Late) Rev. M. V. Benjamin      Sept. 1979 – May 1981

St. Thomas Mar Thoma Church, New York
(Late) Rev. M. V. Benjamin Co-Chairman Ad-hoc Committee Church in formation     Oct. 1980 - Jan. 1981 
  Vicar                                        Jan. 1981 - May 1981
(Late) Rev. K. J. Philip Co-Chairman  Ad-hoc Committee Church in formation  Oct. 1980 - Jan. 1981
  Associate Vicar                      Jan. 1981 - Aug. 1981
Rev. N. M. Cherian Vicar of all Mar  Thoma Congregations in New York May 1981 - June 1983
Rev. Dr. T. Jacob Thomas      (Student Achen)  
  Assistant Vicar July 1981 - May 1983
  Vicar     June 1983 - Mar. 1985
Rev. George Varghese   Mar. 1985 - April 1989
Rev. Johnson Varghese          June 1989 - May 1992
Rev. Dr. T. P. Abraham      June 1992 - May 1995
Rev. P. M.  Thomas   May 1995 - April 1999
Rev. K. Y. Jacob             May 1999 - June 1999
Rev. Thomas P. Chandy      June 1999 – May 2002
Rev. Dr. K. A. Abraham        May 2002 - Present
Rev. Jojan Mathews John   May 2004 - Present