June  2003

Dearly beloved in Christ,

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord.

Let me briefly reflect on the doctrine of the Holy Trinity. This doctrine became a historical inevitability in the life of the early Church in the context of some of the heretic teachings such as Yahweh centrism, Jesus centrism and Spirit centrism .The doctrine of Trinity is an experiential doctrine; i.e. a doctrine that was formulated in the light of the historical experience of the Church with God as God in Creation, God in redemption and God in re-creation. Though this is not clearly stated in the Bible as a full-fledged doctrine, a careful reading of the Biblical truth will reveal that the doctrine is derived from the Bible. For example, Mtt.3: 13-16, which talks about the Baptism of Jesus. Here Jesus exhorts John the Baptist to do what God requires of him, the Spirit comes down and the heavenly voice is heard “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am pleased. “Here let me hasten to say that God is to be seen as a mystery. Trinity is only an attempt to reflect on that mystery. Nevertheless, the doctrine doesn’t exhaust the mystery of the Godhead. Jesus as the Son of God is to be understood as Jesus’ proximity to the Godhead. His Sonship is not to be seen in biological terms but in theological terms. It shows Jesus’ availability for God’s purposes in the world and also his full communion with God the Father. He is the one who introduces God to us. In him the invisible has become visible, the intangible has become tangible and transcendent has become immanent .In earlier times people working in certain areas used to be known   by their particular field; e.g. doctors as ‘sons of medicine’, advocates as ‘sons of law’ etc.

As it was pointed out in my message in the last News Letter, the Holy Spirit is our divine energy for an abundant life in this world .He is the Spirit of truth who gives us conviction about sin, righteousness and judgment. (Jn.16:8). This divine spirit is the one who opens up new possibilities of life everywhere-in the fields of science and technology, health and healing, art and literature etc in terms of enhancement of life at all levels .We cannot privatize this Spirit. We can only make ourselves available to the work of the Spirit within us and through us. Let us attune ourselves to the work of the spirit through prayer, worship and regular study of the Word of God.

With prayerful regards,

Yours in His ministry,

Abraham Achen

Rev. Dr. K. A. Abraham Achen

Dr. K. A. Abraham Achen is from Anicad and Annis Kochamma is from Pullad. They have two children, daughter, Roshin, who is 20 and currently doing her BS in Psychology at Women’s Christian College in Madras. Achen and Kochammas’ Son Christy is 18, and is currently working towards an Engineering Degree in Kerala.

Achen is a very educated in God’s words and has also taught in Seminary. Achen has done his Bachelors in Divinity, Masters in Theology, and Doctorate in Theology from Serampore University in Calcutta. Kochamma has done her diploma in Christian Service at United Theological College in Bangalore.

Achen has served as Vicar for a number of churches including at Neyyatinkara in South Kerala, Bhilai in Madhya Pradesh, New Delhi, Maramon, Kutapuzha in Thiruvilla. Abraham Achen has served one term on the full time faculty of the Mar Thoma Seminary in Kottayam. Achen also served as manager of schools while at Maramon.

Achen also serves on the governing board of Bossey Ecumenical Institute, which is part of the WCC. Achen was a member of the Sabha Council for one term, then member of CSI-CNI joint council, member of Mar Thoma Theological Commission, and also member of Mar Thoma- Lutheran Dialogue Commission in India.

Achen is well known as a great Orator and dynamic Bible Teacher. Achen has led many sessions during clergy and organizational conferences. Achen has published two books featuring a series of Bible Studies, Pentecost, and Mission published by CSS Thiruvalla and has edited a book on Family published by the Niranam-Maramon Diocese.

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Mar Thoma Congregation of Greater New York
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May 1975 — Aug. 1975
Rev. K. S. Mathew   (Student Achen) Sept. 1975 – Sept. 1977
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